Contact Lens Fitting & Exam in Fredericksburg & Culpeper, VA

Contact Lens Fitting Fredericksburg Contact Lens Exam Culpepper, VAWhen you wear contacts lenses, a precise fitting and comprehensive exam are essential to the clarity of your vision, as well as to your safety and satisfaction.

As trusted eye doctors serving Fredericksburg, Culpeper and surrounding communities, our doctors are focused on ensuring sharp vision and a comfortable fit for patients who rely on contact lenses, including conventional daily wear varieties, disposables, planned replacements, soft torics, rigid gas permeables, multifocal lenses, and scleral lenses.

Contact lenses have come a long way from the days of heat disinfection and extended-wear discomfort. Advancing technology has generated a wide array of exciting new options for lens wearers, and the comfort level has never been higher. In fact, today’s contact lenses are comprised mostly of water. There are now lenses that treat astigmatism and new multifocal varieties that allow wearers to ditch those old Ben Franklin reading glasses.

Contact Lens Fitting Exam

Our doctors will discuss all of the new vision correction options during your contact lens fitting exam. As part of your exam, we will measure the pupil, iris and curvature of the cornea to ensure optimal fit for your lenses. The doctors will also evaluate the rate at which your eye produces tears, as this will affect how well your eye accommodates certain types of contacts.

After checking your vision and measuring refractive errors, our doctors will provide you with trial lenses and check their fit, alignment and movement using a microscope. If you are satisfied with the lenses, you will be able to try them out for a week or more, before returning to the office for a follow-up evaluation. If you are happy with the comfort and clarity of your vision, your doctor will write your final prescription.

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