Wavelight Laser in Fredericksburg & Culpeper, VA

The WaveLight Laser

The WaveLight suite of lasers contains the most modern and precise lasers for the custom treatment of refractive errors. These lasers perform custom Wavefront optimized LASIK, which allows for more precision and customization of the vision correction procedure. It achieves this by delivering an ablation profile designed to help maintain the natural corneal shape.

Types of Wavefront Treatment

Wavefront-guided treatment: This procedure uses Wavefront-generated measurements to determine how light waves hit the retina. A completely personalized laser treatment is then created that takes into account the patient’s unique eye anatomy and vision correction needs. This treatment corrects astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. It also reduces higher-order aberrations, such as those that contribute to difficulty seeing at night, the appearance of glare or halos around light sources, blurry vision at any distance, and the occurrence of double vision.

Wavefront-optimized LASIK: This treatment uses detailed measurements of the surface of the eye to retain as much of the natural shape of the cornea as possible. Preserving the cornea’s shape reduces the risk of the patient developing complications, as this treatment accounts for the curvature of the eye’s surface. This allows for even more precision during treatment.

WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser

The WaveLight laser delivers precise performance and is highly customizable. The hallmark of this laser is its delivery of PerfectPulse Technology, which incorporates multiple proprietary safety and efficiency features to help protect the patient’s vision and improve outcomes. PerfectPulse Technology features include:

Smart energy control: Every laser pulse is checked three times before it is delivered, to ensure accuracy. If the pulse is determined to fall outside of the acceptable range or level, it is automatically adjusted before being delivered to the cornea. This helps reduce the risk of any additional laser pulses impacting the cornea.

Fast eye tracking: The eye is expected to move slightly during laser vision correction treatments. With the EX500 Excimer laser, the eyes’ movements are carefully tracked hundreds of times each second, essentially once for every pulse delivered. If the eye flutters and its position changes by even a fraction of a millimeter, the laser system reacts and recalibrates to emit a precise pulse.

Non-overlapping pulses: This laser observes the exact location of each pulse applied to the cornea. If a patient’s eye requires additional pulses to achieve optimal correction, the system will not overlap pulses.

The WaveLight laser incorporates Wavefront optimization in its performance, meaning each patient’s natural corneal shape is accounted for during treatment.

WaveLight Technology at Vista Eye Center

The team of experts at Vista Eye Specialists is pleased to offer laser eye correction treatments using the state-of-the-art WaveLight family of lasers. With this technology, we are able to provide our patients with exceptional vision correction outcomes. To learn more about what this technology can do for your vision health, contact us to schedule a consultation.