Celebrate Healthy Aging® Month with an Eye Exam to Protect Yourself from Eye Disease

Posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Eye Exam Fredericksburg Virginia

The National Eye Institute, American Academy of Ophthalmology and other leaders in the ophthalmology field recognize September as Healthy Aging® Month. This is a time to spread awareness about ocular health and the effects of aging on the eyes.

Vista Eye Specialists is the Fredericksburg and Culpeper authority for information about protecting your ocular health as you age. We believe that one of the most important things you can do to promote eye health is to undergo regular examinations with a trusted ophthalmologist or optometrist. In fact, we encourage you to take this opportunity to schedule an eye exam with a member of our team.

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

At Vista Eye Specialists, eye exams offer a comprehensive look into the health and function of your eyes. The exam is completely painless, and we will walk you through every step, so you understand what we are looking for.

To begin, we administer special drops that dilate, or widen, your pupils. By doing so, we can get an unobstructed view into the structures of your eyes and look for any signs of a problem. Throughout the exam, we can provide immediate feedback about your ocular health and visual function.

Using a special lighted magnifying scope, we will examine each eye’s lens for any clouding or opacity, known as cataracts, which are extremely common among older adults. We will look at the retina, or light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eye, as well as the blood vessels nourishing the retina for signs of diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration (both leading causes of vision loss among older adults). We will look at the optic nerve for abnormalities that could suggest glaucoma, another eye disease that frequently affects older adults. We may perform other tests as needed, such as measuring the pressure inside your eyes, if we need to confirm or rule out a problem.

Another component of a comprehensive eye exam is to assess how much — and how well — you can see. Various tests will be conducted to ascertain your visual field, visual clarity, depth perception, color vision and how well your left and right eyes work together.

At the conclusion of your eye exam, we will discuss things you can do on your own to promote healthy eyes. We will talk about diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits to maintain as you age.

Make Your Ocular Health a Priority

The Vista Eye Specialists team cares about our patients’ ocular health. We are passionate about helping you maintain the vision you need for a full, active life, no matter how old you are. To request an eye exam with one of our doctors, please give us a call or send us an email today.