Contact Care

Posted on Friday, July 15th, 2016 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Eye Specialists Fredericksburg

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why shouldn’t I extend the life of my contacts by wearing them a few extra days?” or said  “It’s so much more convenient to sleep in my contacts than to take the time to remove them every night.” Or maybe, “I’m almost out of contact lens care solution. If I reuse it I can make it last a little longer.”

Acting on any of those thoughts could be extremely dangerous.

Each of the above actions could result in the growth of harmful bacteria in the eye. An infection in the eye can lead to partial or even total vision loss. Contact lens wearers should be informed of the risks of poor contact lens care. The consequences of becoming lazy in your contact lens care habits can be quite severe.

Most people who are in the habit of sleeping in their lenses do so in order to be able to see in the instance of having to get up in the night. Some simply like the convenience of not having to take them out and put them back in each morning and night. Despite the reasoning, the risks for doing so remain the same.

Don’t make the same mistakes.  You may end up sacrificing your sight for the sake of convenience. Instead, follow your optometrist’s guidelines for proper lens care. Disinfect daily, using fresh contact lens solution. Always wash your hands prior to handling your lenses. Heed the expiration date located on the lens box and follow your optometrist’s wearing instructions.