Glasses Vs. Contacts vs. LASIK

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2015 by Dr. Binoy Jani

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Although there are now many options available for eyesight issues, many of them involve medical intervention. While medical intervention does appeal as a long-term option and can be quite cost-effective, it’s also just as easy to consider glasses or contacts. Or is it?

Almost 75% of adults in America wear glasses, and that doesn’t even take into account children who may need them! They’re everywhere, and in recent years, they’ve blossomed into another aspect of someone’s style. Glasses can be completely customizable from the frame to the lenses themselves, and are easier for many to wear. They occasionally have to be cleaned, and yes, some care has to be taken with them. Still, there are many good reasons three-fourths of the population would wear them. While they can be expensive, it’s often an one-time purchase because when taken care of, glasses can last a very long time.

Contacts on the other hand — our numbers are a little less exact. Some contact lens wearers think glasses just don’t work for them, despite all the modifications that can be done, and they prefer contacts. Contacts are not nearly as customizable as glasses are, though there is a recent increase in the amount of people wearing colored contact lenses. Where glasses are easy to wear, contacts require some practice to put in. For first-time users, the idea of touching their eyes can be too much. However, once contacts are in, it’s very hard to have them fall off accidentally or get broken in some way as glasses are susceptible to. They come with more health issues than glasses, but some people simply feel that contacts are worth it.

Of course, there is also LASIK — laser eye surgery that can treat near & farsightedness, reducing the need for glasses or contacts. Unlike glasses and contacts, LASIK is an one time treatment and payment. Though it may sound somewhat scary, there are many trained professionals who perform this surgery every single day. If neither glasses or contacts sound right to you, then LASIK is for you.

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