TearCare: An Exciting New Solution for Chronic Dry Eye

Posted on Monday, October 2nd, 2023 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Dry Eye in Fredericksburg

If you frequently have irritated eyes and have struggled to find relief, you are probably one of the 20 million Americans with dry eye syndrome. Not only is dry eye uncomfortable, but it can also gradually harm your vision and the health of your eyes. This makes treatment a smart choice. The professionals at Vista Eye Specialists are excited to introduce TearCare®, a highly effective, FDA-approved solution for treating dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

How TearCare Helps

While dry eye syndrome has a long list of potential causes, by far the most common is MGD. The meibomian glands produce an oil called meibum, which is essential in creating quality tears to hydrate the eyes. Without meibum, tears evaporate prematurely, leaving the eyes prone to drying out. MGD most often occurs due to an obstruction in the meibomian glands.

For patients with MGD, the secret to ending eye discomfort can be as easy as unblocking meibomian glands. That’s where TearCare comes in. The non-invasive treatment involves applying heat therapy and pressure to the glands so that the meibum oil can create longer-lasting tears.

What You Can Expect from the Treatment

To begin TearCare treatment, your doctor places SmartLids around your eyes. This is a single-use device that lightly rests on your eyelids and administers a low amount of heat. Your eyes remain open during the procedure, and the act of blinking helps to further unclog meibomian blockage. Immediately after the treatment, your doctor will also apply some manual pressure to your lids to stimulate meibum clearing of the glands.

Altogether, the treatment is typically completed in under 15 minutes. Though you will probably notice some warmth and pressure, TearCare is painless and gentler than other dry eye treatments since your eyes are allowed to blink. To keep your meibomian glands unclogged, you will likely need to return to Vista Eye Specialists for a treatment every one to two years.

While your eyes may respond differently to TearCare, clinical trials have found that many patients have their dry eye relieved after a single treatment.

Are You a Good Candidate for TearCare?

Our esteemed eye doctors have been treating dry eye syndrome for a long time. TearCare allows them to provide relief more easily and effectively to patients with MGD. To find out if MGD is largely responsible for your dry eye and whether TearCare (or another solution) is the right way to keep your eyes moist, please schedule an appointment by calling 1-540-208-5827.