Eyes, Definitely the Mirror to Your Soul

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Dilation, Culpeper, Fredericksburg, dilation of the eye

“The face is the portrait of the mind, the eyes its informers”Old Latin Proverb

Rightly said, indeed! The eye is the mirror to one’s soul. What words fail to achieve, the eyes serve the purpose. You may fail to communicate your affection or displeasure with words but certainly your eyes won’t fail to give away your feelings. A person’s whole world of emotions could be revealed by that just one very look of the eye. Psychologists and researchers have concluded many theories of the process that involves in the movement and the ability of the eye to communicate its emotions and feelings. Much research has been made to find out the reason behind the dilation of the eye and how can strong emotions affect the process of dilation.

The feelings of love and hate and other such strong emotions are communicated effectively with the eyes. Hence your secret emotions may not feel private anymore the next time you lay down your eyes on your secret crush or the acquaintance you desperately want to ignore!

Dilation is the process of the eye which really represents the story of your mind and the heart. It signals everything that’s happening inside and sometimes gives away apt information such that the arousal it causes is used to assess in psychological disorders. Similarly criminal investigation procedures and lie testers which are used by investigation agencies capitalize much on the dilation process to access the truth and gravity of the matter.

Our experts at Vista Eye support the evidence and have found positive elements in the belief that dilation does mirror emotions. Much research and development is still in process for taking the procedure a step ahead and develop its ground to address different issues faced by mentally disturbed people.