Coping with the Allergies of the Eye

Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Allergies of the Eye

Allergic conjunctivitis commonly known as eye allergies is a common condition of the eye in which it responds as a defense mechanism to the environmental irritants. The conditions of allergy may be hereditary. For example the dust which may be harmless to many, may cause a red eye, runny nose, sneezing or itchiness to some. The statistics state that about 30% to 50% of US residents are allergy prone of which 75% affect the eyes.

At Vista Eye repeatedly our experts are being asked of the allergies of the eye, their frequency and how to deal with it. We at Vista Eye stress on the fact that prevention is better than cure hence in any case if one is aware of the irritants of the eye present in the environment, proper care should be ensured for maximum avoidance of exposure to it. Keep away from pets, ensure your house dust free and avoid going out while remaining in an air conditioned home setting are some of the must avoidance techniques advised by Vista Eye.

Similarly there are certain seasons like for example when there is presence of too much pollen in the air whose exposure should be avoided at all costs by ensuring a wrap around sunglasses use and driving with closed windows.

So in the case when the patient doesn’t recognize factors that trigger the eye allergies and every effort of avoidance remains futile medications become the only option viable then. Many a times over the counter medicines which may be less expensive may not be enough hence prescribed medicines should be used as they are stronger, focused and hence more effective.

Sometimes eye drops serve the best purpose and may contain decongestants and cell stabilizers which inhibit inflammation. However we at Vista Eye always stress on avoidance and restrict medicine for the last resort.