Is Dry Eye Disease Permanent?

Posted on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Dry Eye Treatment in Fredericksburg, VA

It is difficult to say with certainty whether dry eye disease is permanent. Every case is unique, with its own cause and level of severity. Sometimes dry eye symptoms can be alleviated by making behavioral changes or using medications. More complicated cases may require other treatment approaches like an in-office procedure to clear obstructed eyelid glands or plug the tear ducts.

But the most important thing to know is that you do not have to suffer from dry eye in silence. With the help of a knowledgeable team like Vista Eye Specialists, you can get a handle on your dry eye disease and successfully manage your symptoms.

Expert Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

Properly identifying the root cause of the problem and pinpointing any contributing factors is crucial to achieving a healthier tear film, fewer symptoms and improved eye comfort.

Problems With Tear Production

If your eyes are not producing enough tears, our doctors will probably recommend that you take medication to increase tear production or undergo treatment to prevent your tears from draining too quickly from your eyes. A more permanent approach to severe dry eye disease is to block the eye’s tear ducts so the tears stay in the eyes longer. Tiny plugs can be temporarily placed in the ducts to preserve tears, or, the tear ducts can be surgically closed for good.

Lack of Oils in Tear Film

If your tear film lacks the oily layer due to meibomian gland dysfunction, our team will recommend clearing the blocked glands to restore balance to your tears. In-office treatments like LipiFlow or iLux use heat and gentle pressure to melt and express thickened oil deposits blocking the glands.

Underlying Medical Condition or Medication

Addressing an underlying medical condition or discontinuing a medication known to cause dry eye can eliminate symptoms. But the benefits of the medication must be weighed against the side effect of dry eyes with your doctor. Never discontinue any medication without your doctor’s approval. Sometimes switching to a different medication can alleviate symptoms.

Behavioral or Environmental Factors

Eliminating dry eye triggers can also help with the uncomfortable symptoms. For example, spending less time on computers or digital devices or blinking often while using screens can help keep your eyes moist. Avoiding exposure to arid or dry environments or blowing air (e.g., air conditioners, heaters), and using a humidifier at home are also useful ideas. And eating foods with omega-3 fatty acids (taking a dietary supplement) has been shown to provide relief from dry eyes.

Contact Our Dry Eye Specialists

The earlier you seek treatment for dry eye, the better outcomes you will see. Whatever the circumstances of your case, Vista Eye Specialists will get to the root of the problem. We will work tirelessly to help you find relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye disease.

For more information about the causes of and treatments for dry eye disease, please call or email Vista Eye Specialists today.