No More Tears? Chronic Dry-Eye.

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 by Dr. Binoy Jani

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We’ve all been there. Sometimes for no reason at all, our eyes are suddenly just dry — and we end up blinking hard, trying to get the tears going. Sometimes we’re standing outside or playing a sport, and our eyes dry up just for a minute. What’s the difference between these moments and chronic dry eye?

Chronic Dry-Eye is as the name states — your eyes get dry on a regular basis, and it can’t always be solved by blinking. One of the most common forms of dry-eye is an inability to make tears, usually because the tear glands aren’t working in some form. If you end up blinking rapidly, or your eye is twitching, but nothing’s happening, that’s a good indicator that you may have some form of dry-eye.

This is a condition that comes with age, for many people, though it can also be seen in postmenopausal women. It can also come about as a result of a medication, or be a symptom of an underlying illness. For younger people, who think they might have it, one of the leading factors for youth is too much screen time. It can be difficult to say what caused it, but at least it’s easy to diagnose.

In part, diagnosis is easy because you can look in a mirror and see that your eye is affected. Symptoms include dry eyes, with redness or some kind of swelling (from any touching to work up tears) but the main ones are sensitivity to light and eye discomfort. It’s still important to see a certified ophthalmologist in order to confirm, and they can get you started on medicine.

There is no real cure for chronic dry-eye, but instead management options. The most effective management is to use artificial tears — when you feel your eyes starting to dry, or your eyelids are twitching without any cause, stop and use these eye drops. Artificial tears help keep your eyes from drying up and have helped many people.

If your eyes seem to be going dry more than they should, consider the possibility of chronic dry eye. Always see a doctor, and never take any medicine that you haven’t been told to. It is possible to overreact when it comes to dry-eye.

If you are suffering from dry eye find treatment today by scheduling a consultation in Fredericksburg with Dr. Binoy Jani, who can answer all of your questions about chronic dry eyes.