Recovery from Cataract Surgery

Posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Cataract Fredericksburg

After you have had cataract surgery performed at Vista Eye Specialists you’re on your way to better vision!

Before a patient is discharged, the team of eye doctors at Vista Eye Specialists will always share what a patient should expect after cataract surgery and the care he must take. Before you leave our clinics at Culpeper and Fredericksburg, our team will instruct you to keep all outpatient follow up appointments, take medications properly and contact them in case of any problems or queries.

After the surgery

The eye surgeons at Vista Eye Specialists, VA will cover your eye with a bandage or shield or simply provide a pair of sunglasses and ask you to rest for a short time after the cataract procedure. You will probably rest in the post-operative room for about an hour.

Vista Eye Specialists will call you for an eye examination the day after your surgery. Further appointments are usually dated for at 1 week and 1 month after your operation.

On the day following surgery, the lids may be slightly crusted due to the dried residue from watering. Our team will instruct you to gently wipe away the residue with cotton wool dampened with sterile saline. No undue pressure should be put on the eye.

After the cataract surgery, you may see that your eye is initially red and light sensitive or even a bruise may appear due to sub conjunctival haemorrhage. These are normal recovery symptoms.

After the surgery, the regime of administering the post-operative eye drops should begin. One or two drops should be placed just inside the lower lid. The patient should look slightly upwards and the lower lid should be pulled slightly downwards. Close your eyes for a few minutes and dab lightly with a tissue to absorb any excess drops. Use the eye shield as instructed.

Recovery Period

The recovery period from your cataract surgery may vary from patient to patient. If cataract was the only problem with the eye many patients may be able to see better within a few days. The intention is to restore clear and focused distance vision to the eye. When successful, you will see after the operation without your old distance spectacles, though new near vision spectacles will be required. The precise requirement for spectacles following cataract surgery varies from case to case and you will be guided by our ophthalmologists.

Resuming your routine

Eager to get back to your routine? You may certainly do so, but avoid strenuous activities. You can go about washing your face, bathing and showering. Just avoid getting soap and shampoo in your eyes, avoid face down positions and do not put pressure on the eye. Do not swim; do not use a hot tub, visit a sauna or spa; try not to bend over or carry heavy loads.

Wait for a go-ahead from our surgical team to resume your job and driving your vehicle. Give your eye time to heal.