Watch out for Dry Eyes in Winter

Posted on Sunday, January 12th, 2014 by Dr. Binoy Jani

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It’s common enough to feel your eyes water when you are outdoors for a long time in the cold winters. This is because the harsh winter wind has dried them out and our eyes begin to over produce tears due to excessive dryness.Those who suffer from dry eyes throughout the year, feel this discomfort intensely this time of the year due to lower humidity. Dry eye are a result of exposure to harsh wind and sunlight, dirt and grit. Less tear production with age, abnormalities in the eyelids and dry environments lead to this phenomenon. People with severe dry eyes suffer from pain, redness, decreased vision and foreign body sensation.

The experts at Vista Eye Specialists, VA suggest that because central heating in winters robs the atmosphere of moisture, thus using a humidifier in the rooms you occupy is a smart option as it helps restore the humidity to a healthy level.

If you experience dry eyes don’t hesitate to make a vision examination appointment with the ophthalmologists at Vista Eye Specialists, Culpeper and Fredericksburg. Our state-of-the-art facilities help carry out a series of tests to determine quality and quantity of tear production in your eyes.

The team of professional ophthalmologists at Vista Eye Specialists, VA will also prescribe eye drops to help address redness in the eyes, artificial tears or a lubricating ointment at bedtime to keep your eyes adequately moisturized. We also suggest that patients wear sunglasses as protection against cold, dry wind and the winter sun and avoid prolonged activities that cause strain in the eyes.