Why It’s Important to Get Your Eyes Checked Even If Your Vision Is Fine

Posted on Thursday, April 30th, 2020 by Dr. Binoy Jani

Scheduling Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are as important to your vision as dental check-ups are to your teeth. Just like most people see their dentist once or twice a year, regardless of whether they have dental problems, you should see your eye doctor every one or two years for an exam, even if you are not experiencing any problems with your vision. Read on as the team of trusted eye doctors at Vista Eye Specialists explain why.

Identify Subtle Changes in Vision

Sometimes eye problems develop so incrementally that you do not even notice these slight shifts in your vision. A decline in vision can occur whether you wear visual aids or not. Only your eye doctor, who carefully monitors your vision over time with eye exams and vision checks, can detect these changes. The results of every exam are used as a reference point, so if your vision does change over time, your doctor can pinpoint exactly when the problem started or worsened.

After a comprehensive vision check, your doctor can talk to you about a plan based on his or her findings. Perhaps your vision prescription needs to be updated; or perhaps you need glasses or contacts for the first time.

Detect Eye Diseases Early

Some eye diseases, including some that can cause permanent vision loss and blindness, do not cause noticeable symptoms. The best example is glaucoma, which has earned the nickname “The Silent Thief of Sight.” The only way glaucoma and other diseases can be detected is by an eye doctor during an eye exam. Having regular, comprehensive eye exams ensures that your doctor can detect any problems early, before they become big problems. Treating problems in their early stages is ideal, as they can usually be treated quickly and with minimally invasive means.

Find Signs of Non-Eye-Related Diseases

You may be surprised to learn that a comprehensive eye exam can provide your doctor with clues about your overall health. Think of your eyes as a window into the general health of your whole body. By looking at the internal structures of your eyes, your doctor can catch abnormalities that may suggest diabetes, blood pressure problems or cholesterol problems. Just like with eye diseases, catching these problems early is ideal, before they cause serious complications.

Schedule Your Next Exam

If you are due for your next comprehensive eye exam, schedule an appointment today with the team at Vista Eye Specialists.